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I knew I missed something in London!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies exists.

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Jerusalem-based industrial designer Naomi Kizhner created a series of sci-fi jewelry than harvest kinetic energy from a human’s body and turns it into electricity. Called “Energy Addicts”. Each spike is inserted into a vein; the blood stream spins the wheel and creates movement. The jewelry is made from gold and 3D-printed biopolymer. Each piece contains sharp stings that neatly pierce the skin and serve as bio energy harvesting devices. The energy is generated from the body’s subconscious movements, such as blood flow or blinks of an eye. Kizhner created several designs to be worn on different body parts and to draw energy from specific physiological functions. Via Reddit

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A very good reference for Writers, too.  The color of a room, or someone’s clothing can convey emotion or a state of being, or even set the tone for a setting or a situation.

Colors often come with ingrained connotations - they certainly have strong meanings in Asian cultures, and in European cultures they have intrinsically understood meanings.

Red - passion, blood, anger, fire (for example)

This is going in my writer’s journal.

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a comic i made for uni
my first really serious attempt at a comic i suppose! i’m not a writer so i had no idea what i wanted to do for a story or how to go about it, in the end i just decided to draw about how i was feeling

it’s probably got a lot of errors and there are things i want to change but i definitely learnt a lot ! i got to print it as a little zine too which was real cute

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Sailor moon collection II

Pixiv id : sizh 

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How Famous Creatives Spent Their Days via Galleycat

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naivethe kooks

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meme for fic writers: 1, 7, 8, 11, 15, 17, 21, 25, 27, 29, 30, 34, 37, 39, 40

I put this ask stuff off for a while so imma sit here and do this while eating my key lime pie. y so many questions tho isn’t there a limit? isn’t this half the list? I’ll put most of it under the cut. Question 40 is the gicleur alternate ending that has been steamrolled out of my head.

1. Describe your comfort zone — a typical you-fic.

Quite frankly I don’t really stick in a zone but I tend to gravitate towards things that interest me, so SF or psychological fantasies? What’s easiest for me to write is domestic or slice of life which is why I manage to crank out so much of it.

7. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

Chanyeol wakes promptly at seven every morning and stretches his legs over the side of his bed, curling his fingers through his hair to comb it into some semblance of order. He’s at the age where his clothes never really fit him, and the thin cotton fabric stretches across his knobbly knees. The shirt stretches in all the wrong places and the pants are perpetually three inches too short. He’s at the age that, the government says, is old enough to work.

Eggs, Chanyeol thinks, look awfully depressing. The semi-solid yolk stares back at his apprehension in sarcastic, viscous mockery. He stabs it in the yellow center with his fork and the eye bleeds all over his plate.

“Laborers,” a crackly PA system booms, shaking the walls, “Please make your way to your assignments.”

Chanyeol stands, ditching the yellow and white painting his gray plate. He takes long strides forward, pulling his sleep shirt over his head and tugging off his pants. Gray cotton is replaced with gray polyester that blends in along with gray walls.

Honestly, this one was sort of hard to pick. I chose the opening bit from Glissandi, which was my second big fic. When it comes to prose I’m not particularly indulgent. I’ve always preferred reading simple things so compared to a lot of other fic writers, I lean towards the unremarkable side. I have a lot of passages in fics that run along the same vein as what I’ve picked here (namely Gicleur, Purgatorio for Two, and Analgesic Sweet) but sometimes oldies are goodies, and I’m still into eggs as imagery in writing. It’s just really great how they bleed.

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